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Permanent Resident Visa

Long-term Resident Visa

What is a Permanent Resident Visa?

If you obtain the "Permanent Resident" status of residence,  you can stay in Japan indefinitely.

Since permanent residents have no restrictions on the type or scope of work activities in Japan, you can also get a job such as simple labor.

Also, since the period of stay is "indefinite", there is no need to renew the period of stay.


Three requirements to get a Permanent Resident Visa

① Good behavior (good behavior requirement)


② Having sufficient assets or skills to run an independent livelihood (independent livelihood requirements)


③ The Minister of Justice has recognized that it matches the interests of Japan (National Interest Requirements)


※ "Japanese, permanent resident or special permanent resident’s spouse and child" have not been required the above ① ② requirements 

※ The above ② requirement has not been required for "persons who have been recognized as refugees".


Click here for the difference between Naturalization Visa and Permanent Resident Visa

 The merit of Permanent Resident Visa

 ① Procedures for renewal of status of residence are not required.

 Since the period of stay will be indefinite, you do not have to undergo the troublesome extension of the period of stay.

 (It is subject to forced deportation and cancellation of the status of residence.)


 ②Since there are no restrictions on residence activities, the range of occupation choices will expand.

 You will not be charged with violations as illegal employment.


 ③ The standards for applying for permanent residence of spouses and children will be simplified.


 ④ Remain permanent resident status even after divorce

 "Japanese’ spouse, etc." must change his/her status of residence after divorce.


 ⑤ Gain credibility in social life

 It will be easier for you to get a mortgage or loan and it will become easier for you to live in Japan.

➡ Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence

What is a Long-term Resident visa? 

The status of residence of  “settlers” is provided for foreigners who are equivalent to admitting their residence in consideration of special reasons.

As permanent residents, there is no restriction for settlers on his/her activities in Japan. However, unlike permanent resident, settler has a certain period of stay.


The settler is settled by notification (activities as a person with the residence status prescribed in advance by the notice of settlement) and non-declared settlement (It does not correspond to activities as persons with status stipulated by the notice of settlement, but the residence status of the “settler” is recognized)

➡ In accordance with the provisions of Article 7, Paragraph 1, Paragraph item 2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Ministry of Justice Notification No. 132 of 1990(Heisei 2 nen)) and matters that determine the status listed in the lower column of the resident section of Appendix 2 of the same Act.


A representative for non-declared settlement

① Divorced settler

If a foreigner who has lived in Japan as a "Spouse of Japanese, etc." or "Spouse of Permanent resident, etc." wishes to continue to stay in Japan after the divorce


② Bereaved Settler

If a foreigner who lived in Japan as a “Spouse of Japanese” or “Spouse of Permanent resident, etc.” wishes to stay in Japan after his/her spouse's death.


③ Settlement for Japanese biological child support

If a foreigner protects and nurtures his/her child born with a Japanese in Japan after a divorce or bereavement of his/her spouse.


If a foreigner divorced or the foreigner’s spouse died, he/she will not be able to stay in Japan with his/her residence status of “Spouse of Japanese” or “Spouse of Permanent resident” The foreigner who wants to continue living in Japan will need to change their status of residence.


If “Spouse of Japanese” (excluding Japanese children and special adopted children) or “Spouse of permanent residents” (excluding children of permanent resident, etc.) does not continue his/her activities as a spouse for more than six months, except the case of having a valid reason, his/her status of residence will be subject to cancellation.

For a person who has divorced from a Japanese spouse or his/her Japanese spouse has died but he/she would like to stay in Japan.

There is the possibility of staying in Japan.

 Please contact our office first.

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