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Dependent Visa

What is a Dependent visa?

It is a visa that a foreigner residing in Japan calls his/her family to come to Japan to live together.


<Common cases>

① I decided to work at a Japanese company, so I would like to enter Japan with my family.

② I am studying in Japan and I would like to call my wife and child to come to Japan.


<Eligible for Family stay Visa>

Spouse and child of a foreigner who has a residence status of  "Professor" "Art" "Religion" "Media" "Highly professional" "Business/Management" "Legal/Accounting" "Medical Care" "Research" "Education" "Technology/Human Knowledge/International Business" "Internal Company Transfer"  "Nursing care" "Entertainment" "Skills" "Cultural activities" or Spouse and child of a foreigner who has a residence status of "Study abroad".


The status of residence of “Family Stay” was established in order to accept the dependents of foreigners living in Japan with a certain status of residence. The object of family stay is “spouse and children”.

It is necessary that the “spouse” must be in legal marital relations so that the spouse of the inner edge is not included.

It also does not include spouses from same-sex marriages that have been successfully established in foreign countries.

“Children” also include adopted children (ordinarily and specially adopted children) and recognized illegitimate children.

“Parents” are not included in the family stay.

If you invite an elderly parent from your home country to Japan, you may be able to obtain a status of residence for “Specific Activities”.

➡ Click here to apply for Certificate of Eligibility

Required documents to call family to visit from overseas


① Application for Certificate of Eligibility of Residence


② Photo (vertical 4 cm × width 3 cm) 1 leaf

※ No hat, no background, and clear photograph taken from the front within 3 months before application.

※ Write the applicant's name on the back of the photo and attach a photo to the photo field of the application form.


③ One reply envelope

※ A standard envelope with a 392 yen stamp (for simple registered mail) affixed with the address clearly stated.


④ A document that proves the relationship between the applicant and the dependent in one of the following:

 (1) The family register:      1 

 (2) Marriage registration acceptance certificate:      1

 (3) Marriage certificate (copy):      1 copy

 (4) Birth certificate (copy):      1 copy

 (5) Appropriate documents according to the above (1) to (4)


⑤ Copy of the residence card or passport of the dependent:      1 copy


⑥ Documents certifying dependents' occupation and income

(1) In case a dependent has engaged in activities related to the management of business involving income or activities for which he/she receives a reward

A) Certificate of employment or a copy of business license (certificate that makes clear the occupation of dependents): 1 copy

B) Resident tax taxation (or tax exemption) certificate and tax payment certificate: 1 for each document

※ Issued by the municipal office where you are living, and tax payments recorded in one year. Either of certificates can be used as long as it shows both the total income and the tax payment status for one year (whether or not the tax is paid).


(2) In case dependents are engaged in activities other than the (1) above activities 

A) Certificate of deposit balance of dependents or certificate regarding scholarship benefits that clearly indicates the amount and period of benefits

B) Similar to the above (A), which proves that the applicant may pay his/her  living expenses

Notes on submitted materials:

※ All materials submitted from public offices will be submitted within 3 months from the date of issue.

※ In the process of examination, materials other than the above may be required.

※ If the submitted materials are prepared in a foreign language, a Japanese translation shall be attached. English is not necessary to translate.

※ In principle, submitted materials will not be returned. If you wish to return the material that is difficult to obtain again, you will need to attach a copy to the original of the material and notify the applicant at the time of application.

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