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▶ STEP 1 Contact


Please inform us of your consultation contents by phone or inquiry form.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

TEL: 011-206-1025 / 090-9753-6555

Inquiry Form ➡ Click here


STEP 2: Determining the meeting date and place of consultation


After hearing, if you need further consultation, we will decide the date and place.

If it is difficult to visit our office, we will visit the customer as much as possible.

(In the case of long-distance, you may be charged a business trip fee.)



STEP 3 Interview


We will make face-to-face meetings with our customers and listen to the details while looking at the materials.

We will also talk about the possibility of permission.

We will announce an estimate after the interview. 


STEP 4 Contract / Starting fee


If you are satisfied with the content of the proposal, we will make a contract.

As a starting fee, you will have to pay half of the amount of the reward.



STEP 5 Collect documents and create application documents


After confirming the payment of the starting fee, we will guide you required documents.

We will collect the necessary documents and prepare application documents.



STEP 6 Document confirmation, signature, and seal


You will confirm, sign, and seal the documents we made.



STEP 7 Application


Application documents will be submitted to the Immigration Bureau. 

(Regional Legal Affairs Bureau in the case of application of the naturalization )

Clients do not need to visit the government office.

If additional documents are requested, we will contact you immediately and prepare and submit the additional documents.



STEP 8 Payment of the rest


After submitting the application form, please make payment for the rest of the reward (half of the amount).


STEP 9 Obtaining permission


A notification will be sent to our office after the application.

We will deliver the residence card to you by the method you prefer.

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