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Business Manager Visa

What is a Business Manager Visa?

It is a status of residence that allows you to conduct a trade or other business in Japan or engage in the management of that business.

To establish a company in Japan and become CEO, you must obtain this Business Manager Visa.


Three patterns of Business Manager Visa

① Activities to start and conduct business in Japan or engage in management of that business


② Activities to participate in and conduct the business that already been operated in Japan or engage in the management of that business  


③Activities to be on behalf of the person (including a corporation) conduct business in Japan or engage in the management of that business


Conditions of Business Manager Visa


It is necessary to correspond to any of the following:

① There is an office in Japan to operate the business. However, if the business has not been started, the facility used to run the business must be secured in Japan.


② The scale of the business involved in the application corresponds to one of the following:

A) In addition to those who established the business or engaged in management, it also needs to be engaged in by two or more full-time employees residing in Japan(Japanese, (special) permanent residents, spouses of Japanese, spouses of permanent residents, etc.) 

B) The required amount of capital or the total amount of investment is at least 5 million yen

C) Be recognized as a scale equivalent to A or B


③ If the applicant intends to engage in the management of the business, he or she must have at least 3 years of experience (including the period of majoring in business or management-related courses at graduate school) in business management or management. And, he or she must receive a reward equal to or greater than the reward that a Japanese receives.

Points for obtaining a Business Manager Visa


■ Business is required to have appropriateness, stability and continuity.

If you want to hire an employee, you need to take out labor insurance and social insurance, and if your business is required permission, you need to obtain permission.

In addition, when you start a new business, you must create a concrete and detailed business plan to prove the stability and continuity of your business.


■The capital for establishing a company is at least 5 million yen.

The applicant does not necessarily have to contribute, but it is necessary to clarify the source of the investment and the remittance route (copy of bank account passbook, remittance statement, etc.).

If you want to get a Business Manager Visa for 2 people or more who are in the same company, you must have a business scale, work volume, sales, and number of employees that all match those visas.

 ■ When leasing a business office, the purpose of use shall be the business name of the contractor, such as "business", "store", "office", etc., and the purpose of the business is clarified.

 ■ Non-residents may not be able to open a bank account, so it is also necessary to secure Japanese collaborators.

At WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office, administrative scriveners, tax accountants, and Social insurance labor consultants work together to provide foreign clients with full support from the establishment of a company to the acquisition of Business Manager Visa, as well as the tax and labor procedures of the company.


 It is very difficult for foreigners to perform complicated procedures in Japanese, such as establishing a company, obtaining permission, applying for a visa to the Immigration Bureau, and performing tax and labor procedures after the company is established.


Please let us handle the preparation and submission of the enormous documents to be submitted to the public office, and customers will be able to concentrate on preparing for the establishment of your company.





We support the following procedures for establishing a company and applying for a Business Manager Visa! ​

・Entrepreneur consultation


 ・Support for creating required documents


 ・Translate documents as needed (Japanese ⇔ English)

 (Translation fee is charged)


 ・Support for creating articles of incorporation, company seal, etc.


 ·Company establishment 

 (Registration is done by a judicial scrivener)

 (Additional fees are charged)


 ・Application/acquisition of authorization as necessary

 (Additional fees are charged)


 ・Preparation of a business plan


 ・Preparation of notification after establishment of a company

 (Additional fees are charged)


 ・Application to the Immigration Bureau


 ・Consultation and procedures regarding tax and labor after the company is established

 (Tax accountant, social insurance labor accountant performs)

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