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Are you worried about naturalization?

○ I want to acquire Japanese nationality


○ I'm worried whether I can meet the requirements for naturalization


○ I'm worried about preparing my own documents


○ I’m busy with work and don't have time


○ I want to know which is better, permanent residence or naturalization


○ I'm worried about going to the Legal Affairs Bureau by myself

What is naturalization?

Naturalization Act, Article 4, Paragraph 1

"Foreigners can acquire Japanese nationality by naturalization."


Naturalization means that you get Japanese nationality and become Japanese.

■ The difference between naturalization and permanent residence

Question is often asked, "Which is better, naturalization or permanent residence?" “Which one is easier to take?”. In the case of a naturalization application, the number of documents that must be prepared in each period will be much greater than in the case of a permanent residence application.

Not only the applicant his/her own documents but also his/her relatives’ documents that must be ordered from abroad, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc. Collecting documents requires considerable time and effort.



In addition, in the case of naturalization, a pre-interview will be conducted at the jurisdiction of the Legal Bureau to confirm the necessary documents, but in the case of permanent residence, the interviews will not be made.


As shown above, only regarding the procedure naturalization is more difficult than permanent residence. However, the biggest difference is that permanent residence remains a foreigner, but naturalization means obtaining Japanese nationality and becoming a Japanese.


It is a big decision for a foreigner to become Japanese.  If you are lost in decision, please consult our office.



Required Documents for Naturalization Permission Application


In the case of a naturalization application, the documents submitted will vary depending on the individual, and in many cases, additional documents will be required even after submitting the application.

The documents required for application are as follows.


① Application for naturalization permission

②Written description of the outline of the relatives

③ Motivation handwritten by each person (Under 15 years old is unnecessary)

④ Resume

⑤ Oath declaration (not required for children under 15 years old)

⑥ Documents that describe the outline of the livelihood (If you are conducting a business, you also need a summary of the project of the business)

⑦ Certificate of work and salary

⑧ Schematic diagram of residence and office

⑨ Document certifying the identity relationships, such as a copy of the family register of home country

⑩ Certificate of various information about family (birth, death, marriage, etc.)

⑪ Foreigner resident card

⑫ Tax payment certificate (withholding tax, residence tax, property tax, etc.)

⑬ Family snapshots

⑭ Others (Certificate of graduation, certificate of enrollment, certificate of qualification, etc.)

※ If you are engaged in business, you will also need a tax return, financial statements, and permission certificate, etc.

Administrative scrivener supports naturalization application!

① Consultation

First of all, we'll talk to you to determine if your naturalization requirements are met and whether your permission is acceptable.

We will also explain the flow of the procedure, the content of the services, and the administrative scrivener compensation.


② Interview at the Legal Affairs Bureau (free!)

We will accompany you to an interview at the Legal Affairs Bureau. We will discuss necessary documents in advance.


③ Request/starting payment

If you make a request, you will need to pay half the amount of the reward as the starting fee.


④ Collection of documents and preparation of application documents

We will collect the necessary documents and create a set of application documents. ‥

We will translate from English to Japanese.

(Translations other than English will be outsourced.)


⑤ Application

When all the documents are ready for submiting application, please make an appointment and go to the Legal Affairs Bureau to submit the application documents.

(We will accompany you if you wish)


⑥ Interview at the Legal Affairs Bureau

About 1 to 3 months later, the Legal Affairs Bureau will inform you of the date and time of the interview.

We will go to the Legal Affairs Bureau on a fixed date and time and we will have an interview for about one hour.

Prior to the interview, we will advise you about things that are often asked during the interview and points to be noted.


⑦ Examination

As a general guideline, it will take about 8 months to 1 year.



⑧ Permission

The Legal Affairs Bureau will contact you by phone.

It will also be published in the Official Gazette.

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