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What is a Japanese’ spouse visa?

Officially,  it refers to the status of residence of “Japanese' spouse”

Once you have obtained this visa, there are no restrictions on the activities you can do in Japan.

The applicant who falls under any of the following ① to ③ can apply for this status of residence.

① ​Foreigner who got married to Japanese

② Special Adoption of Japanese

③ Japanese’ child

Spouse visa points

Due to the increase in fake marriages, the Immigration Bureau's examination is becoming more severe.

A spouse visa is that the two marriages are real marriages, not fake marriages,

The point is to prove it properly with documents.

Evidence that shows that you were actually dating, such as photos, emails,

If you leave a record of LINE, call record of telephone or Skype, letter, etc., when applying it can be used as evidence.

Such below couples may be unauthorized. 

 Please consult us once.

① Short dating period

② The couple’s age difference is large

③ If you get acquainted with your partner through a dating site or a marriage introduction office.

④ If the Japanese spouse has a history of divorce with a foreigner or a foreigner has a history of divorce with a Japanese.

⑤ If the foreign spouse continues to trade the hostess, etc., even after marriage

⑥ If you cannot understand the language of each other's country too much

⑦ In the case of getting marriage with a person from a country with many fake marriages

⑧ If the income of the spouse of Japanese is low (or the spouse is unemployed or seeking a job).

⑨ When there are so few photos that can be used as evidences of dating

⑩ If you do not have a wedding

⑪ If you cannot live together after marriage

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