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Foreign Employees Management

Residency Management Agency Service (Advisory Contract)

Are you still leaving the management of the residence of foreign employees to foreign employees himself/herself?


There are many things to watch out for when hiring foreigners.

First of all, when you hire a foreigner who has changed jobs, you have to check his/her residence card and confirm whether he/she has a status of residence (a work visa) that can be employed by your company.

In addition, if the expiration date of the period of stay comes during the employment period, you must also apply for extension of the period of stay.

If you leave it to a foreigner,  there are also times when the expiration date has been inadvertently passed.



In 2012, a new residency management system was launched, requiring not only the foreigners themselves but also the organizations (companies) that accept foreigners to report.

If you start or terminate the acceptance of a foreigner, you will have to report it to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days, and you will be required to hire a foreigner appropriately.


In addition, (change) notification of the place of residence to the municipalities, and (change) notification of the place other than the place of residence such as when the family name and nationality have changed due to marriage are also required.


Our office collectively manages the residence of important foreign employees and provides support for applications and notifications, etc.

     Contents included in Residence management agency service 


 ■ Free consultation and advice by phone/email


 ■Notice of renewal of period of stay

 (Notice will be given 3 months before the expiration of the period of stay)


 ■ Agent for (change) notification of residence at the municipal office

 (For remote areas, travel expenses will be charged separately)


 ■ Agency for (changed) notifications other than the place of residence at the Immigration Bureau


 ■ Support for notification of affiliated organizations


 ■ Administrative procedure accompanying service

 (For remote areas, travel expenses will be charged separately)


 ■ Once a month visit


 ■Application for permission to renew period of stay for foreign employees ⇒ Half price


 ■ Re-entry permission application for foreign employees ⇒ Free of charge



       Advisory fee

Foreign employees 1 to 5 people 15,000 yen + tax / month


Foreign employees 6 to 10 people 30,000 yen + tax / month


Foreign employees 11 to 30 people 60,000 yen + tax / month

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