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​WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office

Those who have troubles as follows;

Please consult "WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office", an expert on immigration service!

■ I would like to recruit foreigners but I do not know about the procedure

The procedure to Immigration Bureau in Japan is complicated and difficult to understand.

Besides, depending on the country, when hiring foreigners, in some cases, the procedures at the Immigration Bureau may not be enough.


In addition, regarding submitting documents to the Immigration Bureau,  essentials are not only wide-ranged knowledge of Immigration Law (Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act), but also labor-related laws and regulations and the points of how to write documents.

We carefully explain the flow of such complicated procedures and we will support it to the very end.


■ I do not have time to make or collect documents

The Immigration Bureau’s website contains only the minimum necessary documents.

In fact, it is necessary to attach various documents concerning the employed foreigner and the employer company as verification materials.

You also have to get the documents from abroad and check the contents of documents written in foreign languages.

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare documents.

If you request us who have already registered with the Immigration Bureau, we will prepare application documents on behalf of clients and submit them to the Immigration Bureau, so we will make clients be free from stress of preparing documents and you can devote your important time on your business.


■ I applied for myself and got disapproved

You could not get permission by self application unfortunately, you had to come back to your home country...

Please consult us before giving up.

It might be that the proof documents were inadequate.

We will hear the story thoroughly and explore the possibility of reapplying.

What is a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist?


A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist is a person with a national qualifications who can assist foreigners in all aspects of their lives in Japan including certificate of eligibility, naturalization, study abroad, employment, marriage, and setting up a business.

What kinds of matters can you seek our assistance?


A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist can assist with the following matters.


●I want to obtain the status of residence/visa.

●I want to renew my period of stay.

●I want to change my status of residence.

●I want to take my family/friends to Japan.

●I want to live permanently in Japan.

●I want to naturalize and become a Japanese citizen.

●I want to seek advice about international marriage, divorce, adoption, and inheritance.

●I want to study in Japan.

●I want to work in Japan.

●I want to set up a business in Japan. ( I want to undertake the procedures to start a company.

   I want to open a food and drink establishment.)

●I want to undertake the procedures for a foreign company to invest in Japan.                    Etc.

Client Services


 Five points of WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office

5 Points

1. The possibility of permission goes up!

The homepage of the Immigration Bureau in Japan contains only the minimum necessary information.

It is the minimum level of acceptance for submitted documents.

If you leave it to our office that are prepared with specialized knowledge of immigration service work, the possibility of permission will go up.



2. The precious time that you have to spend preparing documents and going to the Immigration Bureau now can be devoted to your business!

To apply for a foreigner’s status of residence, you have to prepare a large amount of documents and submit all of them to the Immigration Bureau. 

Administrative Scrivener (※) is permitted to submit application documents on behalf of clients, so you can devote your precious time to your core business without worrying about preparing and submitting enormous documents.

※ What is Administrative Scrivener?

Administrative Scrivener is the person obtaining national qualification who has undergone certain training regarding immigration control and is authorized to submit application documents on behalf of the applicants.

3. Kind and courteous support

We always keep in mind to create an atmosphere that makes our clients feel easy to consult, so you can completely relax and talk.

We listen carefully to each client's story, explain in easy-to-understand words, and kindly and politely support until the very end.

4. English support is available!

If you are a foreigner who is not confident in Japanese or an employer who has trouble dealing with documents created in English, please don’t worry. We will provide good service in English.

5. Extensive network with other professionals

In some cases, customer's troubles cannot be solved just by Administrative Scrivener.

We will support our clients with one-stop service by utilizing the network with other professionals such as lawyer, judicial scrivener, accountant, tax accountant, social insurance labor consultant, etc.

Please do not hesitate to consult us about anything concerning foreigner labor and foreigner employment.



Tomomi Waizumi


WAIZUMI Immigration Consulting Office,



Belongs to:

・Japan Administrative Scrivener Association

(Registration No. 17010276)


・Hokkaido administrative scrivener association Sapporo branch 


Sapporo Immigration Bureau Notification Application  Agency Administrative Scrivener

Tag (line) No. 17-26


EIKEN Grade Pre-1

Born in Obihiro city.

When I was 24 years old, I quit my job to go to the UK because I wanted to study English more and speak fluently.

I acquainted with students from all over the world at school in the UK, and learned about the fun of cross-cultural communication, and experienced the nuisance of living in a foreign country where the language is not universal.

I passed the examination and became an Administrative Scrivener in order to support foreigners who want to get VISA in Japan.


​​We are affiliated with the following firms



​A tax accountant office specializing in supporting entrepreneurs such as startup financing and company establishment.



​Trademark rights are essential for business, and we also handle overseas applications.

Please feel free to contact us.

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